Monday, July 4, 2011

Tennissippi Vacation - 2011

I can't lie.  This post will be back-dated.  It's really sad how I neglect this, I'm sorry.  As much as I'd it to, I have a feeling I will always be six eight months (or more) behind.

This summer, the Murray's road trip-ed for vaca.  We stopped at Papa & DG's in Tennesee, then went to the Tanner's Lake House in Rural Mississippi.  The stop in TN was a nice break from the drive.  So much that we even did it on the way home.

Big Bro K was here so it made for an extra special trip. Also, Jason's littlest sister was there with her family.  She didn't know we were coming, so that was a  fun surprise!!

Here are some photos:

Keegan on a walk.

Louden, Papa, Kyle, Keegan

Keegan in Daddy's shoes

Uncle Matt, Riley, Louden & Keegan

Keegan, Riley, Louden, Jason

Louden & Keegan in their pjs


Jason running from explosives, with a bum leg.

The view.


Vaca Part 2, Mississippi Welcome Station

Private Lake.  {L&K did NOT have hooks}

"let me show you how to cast"

I'll just shoot them.

Kyle's Catch.

Louden, Abby, Keegan getting ready for more fireworks.


The Tanner's with their extended grandkids.  

When I was a kid, these were Mama and Papa Tanner.
My kids call them Nana and Papa.  
They came up to help us from Florida when the kids were born. {We ate well}
When my Mom was alive, we shared Holidays together.
Hands down, 2 of the best.people.ever.

Here's a family shot taken on Murray Hill right before we headed back home.

All the Murray boys with Papa and D.G.

We had so much fun that we are repeating this year!!!  Mama Tanner: I'll reply to that email one day :)


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