Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zoo Firsts

Last Saturday after ninjutsu, we packed a lunch bag and hit the zoo for the afternoon.

First zoo trip of 2013 and first time without a kid transportation device (stroller/wagon/mommy crutch).  I must say it was a success, 
much to my surprise.

Baby otters!

Waving to the train

Oh wow, the bear does actually move

These statues are everywhere.  L&K insisted I take their photo.

Feeding time at the aquarium

Hands on.

The boat ride was closed, we opted for carousel   

This thing flies!

First #3. I let them loose in this beast.  The condition was that they would "check in" every so often.  I swear, you blink and lose a kid immediately.

Jason had his own "firsts of 2013".  First morning turkey hunting.......First Turkey!

We ate it already.


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