Thursday, March 15, 2012

4 Years Old, Superhero Style

Louden & Keegan turned 4 and decided on a Superhero Theme.  I booked Central Park Playland SIX months in advance since I missed out on it last year.  It was AWESOME.  The location was great, price was reasonable, and no parents were stressed (that I know of anyway).  I had grand ideas for getting crafty, but my time ran out.  6 days before the party, Jason tells me we *have* to do capes.  Off to JoAnn's I went.  Here are the photos:
Personalized capes with grab bags of superhero candy, silly straws, and stickers.

A friend made cupcakes for me, I found the toppers online.

the Main event.  A little intimidating, but even the smallest kids tried it out.
We seen kids for a limited time, this was a popular stop

The Birthday boys

Louden growling

The Birthday Song
The smallest guest

Group Photo
Show us your capes!!!!  The super fancy capes are from  Baby Pop including L&Ks, last year's gift from the BK Special
Even Papa had a cape

Instant fast: just add cape

The Murrays
Silly shot, I'm normal, right?

More Murrays.....Papa & DG
Jason & his Mom (aka Grandma)

We do presents at home, less chaos.  Maybe not less, but less spectators to partake in the chaos-ness of giving 4 years presents at the same time.  We had a FANTASTIC time at this party.  Would be awful to book the same location forever?  This was so easy and I *think* everyone had fun, there were no drama moments in a room full of toddlers.  Are we still toddlers?  Preschoolers?  Nonetheless, it went GREAT.

LOVE my BOYS!!!!  So looking forward to the fun of 4 year olds!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Christmas Recap

We seen Santa....


Baked Cookies

left a note for Santa

then Santa visited

and we enjoyed


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