Friday, August 30, 2013


Warning: picture heavy post. 

First day of Kindergarten.  No open house, no meet the teacher, no knowing what to expect.  



40 shots to get 2 faces

"Can we just go already?"
Ready to rock

So excited during orientation at the gym, just about to meet the teachers.
 We survived the first day.  I drove them to the school since we didn't know who their teachers would be.  Keegan has Mrs. Hilgret and Louden Mrs. O'Brien.  They are next door to each other.  What I *thought* would be drop and run between rooms, turned into Louden sitting by himself in his room while I was with Keegan going through the list.  It turned out fine, but I was stressed.  Had I known, I would have had Jason go with us, but I didn't think it would be a process.  It's always a production.  Everything.

Both boys did just fine on their first day.  No tears for anyone, not even Mommy cried.
Day 3: homework

Day 5: Discipline
Rules suck.  Especially listening.  Keegan confessed that he was too busy "hitting Andrew" to listen.  The note made no mention of violence.


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