Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ninjutsu - Orange belt for L&K

The boys have been in ninjutsu since summer.  It has been an experience to say the least.  They are the only twins, some of the youngest students, and have been a challenge in their attention, focus, and discipline.  But--the reward outweighs all the challenges.  

Right on time, they tested and received their Orange belts   

I got nervous at the beginning of class.  Louden was having trouble with side rolls to the left.  I thought for a minute that the rolls would be the one thing to hold him back.  But, he got it.  They're doing great with the techniques and pick up quickly.  Their biggest obstacle is focus, which was Mommy's motivation for enrolling them.  

Classes are 3x a week and keep us hopping, but the boys love it.  I love that they're doing something productive.

Part of the testing requires the boys to cite a Student Creed:

I believe in myself.     I am confident.     I can accomplish my goals.I believe in what I study.    I am disciplined.     I am ready to learn and advance.I believe in my teachers.     I show respect to all who help me progress. 

Along with the first two points of the Code for Mindful Action:

 I protect life and health.I avoid violence whenever possible.
  I respect the property and space of all.I avoid taking what has not been offered.

They can't even pronounce a lot of those words (or understand fully what they mean), but they get most of it out.
Super Cute.

As if that wasn't enough, last night they learned to throw.  Throw a person.  This will get interesting.  

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Real Live Santa -- in real life!

We're lucky to have some awesome friends, the Williams', in our life.  Each year, they host a Christmas party and invite Santa.  The last 3 years, he has actually showed up!!!  

Keegan with Santa

Louden with Santa
Bonus for us, we don't have to fight the lines at the mall to get a photo.  However, this Mama has some practicing to do with her camera.

On the way home, Keegan says "We met the real life Santa--in real life".  

I just love Christmas.


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