Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of Preschool

Yesterday was the boys' last day at preschool.  I don't think they realize it yet, especially since they've been screaming "skool bus" all day.

To prepare, we made teacher gifts for both their teachers, all the aides, the school bus driver, and the driver's aid.

Here we are leaving for the bus stop.

At the bus stop.  

The school had a graduation ceremony and invited all classmates to participate, even if you weren't going to kindergarten.  Before it even started, I looked at the girl next to me and said "I'm going to cry".  Yep--I was the only one.  I forgot my Flip video, so I took a short clip on my point and shoot camera.

Here's Louden trying to sing along with his class (the Butterflies).  This moment touched my heart so much, 2 months ago, he had a vocab of 30 +/- words....the fact that he was even trying to sing made we jump up and down with excitement.  While at the same time my heart is breaking to see how much further he has to go.  This undiscriminating speech delay really sucks.

here are they lyrics to "One Small Voice"

With just one small voice
Singing out a song
With just one small voice
Singing sweet and strong
One by one they’ll grow
And together sing along
And then soon all the world
Will be singing
With just one small voice
Singing out a song
With just one small voice
Singing sweet and strong
One by one they’ll grow
And together sing along
And then soon all the world
Will be singing

Here's Keegan singing with his class (The Toucans), well, he's just signing.  But, he's standing there, participating, in front of a crowd.  He's still rad.


Keegan sporting his Toucan showing some class love.

I am so excited with the progress  that we have seen within the past few months and know that preschool had everything to do with it.  The school psychologist made it a point to pull me aside to tell me the same thing.  She wasn't there to witness the evaluation from hell, but she did hear all about it.

They have progressed beyond speech.  They can follow directions, participate in activities, etc.  There is no substitute for peer to peer interaction.   It was interesting to see the boys' report cards, but I'm anxious for our next appoint at Children's with their private speech therapist so we can discuss in detail how they are doing (I need her to explain the report to me in layman terms). 

They attended an afternoon class that kept them busy 4 days a week, 4 hours a day.  Hopefully we'll find a way to keep the boys occupied all summer with a good substitute.  

Now what do I do for a bribe to get them dressed in the morning?

Easter Twenty11

Our Easter was quiet, casual, and completely low key.  Just they way we like it.  My brother and his family came over to eat and watch the L&K hunt easter eggs. 

Here are the photos:

Easter Baskets

Grandma J sent a wicked cool car/train table

We decorated carrot cake cupcakes


silly faced Louden

Our cupcakes!
Close up of the toppers

Gifts for Aunt KiKi and D&B

Gift tags from Eighteen25

Egg Hunt!

Keegan, Uncle G, Louden

Happy Easter!!
{a little late}

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Not the bad kind of Ahhh, the Dentist {aka teeth doctor} kind. 

L&K had their first appointment and aside from the waiting room, 
all went well.  The boys almost got up close and personal with a fire truck when L came thisclose to pulling the fire alarm.  Yeah, the waiting room was definitely the worst part.

I decided against a pediatric dentist and just took them to dentist I use.  He has kids around their age and I warned him.  The office was prepared for crazy {I may say crazy a little too much}.  The had 2 chairs reserved, 2 dental hygienists, so the Dentist and I could run back and forth.

The hygienists broke the ice by letting them ride the chair up and down, touch and feel all the tools, and turn the tv to their favorite cartoon.  The exam consisted of counting their teeth, polishing, and flossing.  Both boys were really obedient.  Of course they were, I'm not the hygienist. 

I had a huge bag of essentials with me {especially since we're potty training} but forgot the camera.  I didn't even take my phone in, so he's what i got in the parking lot.  And--to the random guy that waiting so I could at least get this, thanks.

Keegan (L) Louden (R)
We got a good report on both boys dental health.  The only suggestion was to add a fluoride treatment by dipping a toothbrush into a kids fluoride rise every night.  The kids picked out Spongebob Blue Rinse, go figure.

At least we have lots photos of Cheesy Pearly Whites to look forward to, if Mom can remember the camera.

Not Knocked Up

I have so much to catch up on, can't seem to make the time to update this blog very much.  I hope that will change when we get a new PC.  Right now, all of my photos and docs are stored on a My Passport External Hard Drive and that takes way too much effort. :)

Enough with the excuses, here we go.

It started with an idea....girls trip, then a facebook group to obsess about when, where, and what to do.  Months of planning.  A theme--celebrating not being knocked up.  16 years since High School, we can finally all do something together for an entire weekend.  NYC, here we come.

We were able to coordinate our schedules to meet in the airport then we lucky enough to score a limo at a taxi rate. 

L to R: Kim, Kathy, Jenn, Joyl

We immediately dropped bags and headed out to a local Brewery for some grub. {& beer}

The rest of of photos may be out of order, but here's what we did:

checked out Ground Zero

shopped in the rain
had tea at the Plaza Hotel

boat tour
self portrait on the boat
& seen this

had hot dogs 
{then was judged by a homeless lady for being a carnivore}
had Sweets
had drinks!
Um--after drinks, lots of drinks:)
seen The Addams Family on Broadway
 had more drinks before we left!

There was a ton that we didn't get to and a ton more photos, but this post is picture heavy enough.  It was so nice to get away, share laughs with old friends, and do something new.

We hope to make this an annual trip, when schedules and budgets allow.  Just goes to show, it takes more than miles to separate old friends.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

In 48 hours....

I will be running in this...

who would have ever guessed that I would have survived training and be capable to run 13.1 miles?  Definitely not me.

I owe to all to positive peer pressure and super fantastical friends that I will love forever.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

School Bus

First, BAD BLOGGER!! I know {slaps hand}  Better late than never and everything is late these days.  Back to the subject at hand....

On their 3rd day, Louden & Keegan were excited to start riding their SCHOOL BUS to preschool.  It's a 30 minute ride, but they love it.  They feel like big kids.

waiting for the bus

Here comes Mrs. Kristy

As I'm snapping photos, I'm in disbelief that I'm letting my babies get on a freaking bus

special seat belts for little ones
and I didn't even follow it to school even though I *thought* about it.

So far so good with preschool AND the bus.  It has been the best bribe ever to get them moving in the morning.  I don't know what to do when school breaks for summer....the boys will be so disappointed.  Preschool has been awesome for them as far as their speech development, social skills, potty training, and patience.   They are learning tons of new things and surprise me everyday.


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