Friday, April 17, 2009

Crashin' Spring Break

We decided that after a year, it was time to venture out of town with the boys. We met the Tanners (aka Nana & Papa Tanner) with Kim and her family at their lake house in rural (to say the least) Mississippi. 5 hours into the trip we were rear-ended by some idiot in Louisville. Stop and go traffic, we were stopped, he was going....not a good combination. We had a extension in our hitch with a cooler strapped on with all of Jason's turkey hunting stuff in it. Needless to say, he folded up the cooler like an accordian and all of Jason's things were underneath his vehicle. We were all ok, just startled. It could have been much worse, but then again, it was completely avoidable. I thought Jason was going to kill the guy, he got out of the jeep and ran to him shouting & swearing. I don't know how many times you can drop the f* bomb in a sentence, Jason may now hold the record. 1 hour later, we were "on the road again".

Other than the start, the trip was really good. The boys were troopers and made it through the 13 hour ride. Except now they are scarred for life, they think every car ride is a long one, so they start screaming 10 minutes into it. Jackie bought the tvs that strap to the headrests, so that was definitely useful for the trip. Baby Einstein & Cheerios...what more can I say.

We have a great time visting great friends which seem more like family. We hope to make this an annual trip. Here are some photos:

Jason's massive fish:

&& easter egg hunting

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