Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The beginning of the end??

Ron, although still with us, is steadily declining. He is weaker by the day. None of the nurses or doctors expected him to hang in there this long, he's a tough ole' bird. Last Friday, he took a dramatic turn for the worse. He was hallucinating and tried to get himself out of bed. He was talking to my Mom and told my bro, Greg, that his old man was doing fine (my Dad died in 1990 and Mom in 2007). The nurse advised that these hallucinations usually happen 48 hours before death. Well, not the case here. Ron today had his wits about him, but he seems heartbroken. I think that he has finally accepted that he can not defeat this with his will alone. It's so sad....effen Cancer....I hate it.

Although I hate to see him go, I will be at peace that he is not suffering anymore. Via Con Dios, Ron. We ♥ you!!

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