Monday, September 14, 2009

18 month stats

The boys had their 18 month wellness check today.  Dr. Heiny said they were perfect, well, I could have told him that.  Honestly, they have been awesome lately.  I'm really starting to enjoy the parenting thing.  Watching them learn something new amazing me everyday.  I can't wait to hear them talk.  Well, they say  What's up with that?

Louden is 29 lbs 10 oz, 90%ile
Keegan is 30 lbs 8 oz, 95%ile

I forgot to ask their heights, but they were also 90 & 95 %ile respectively  This was the first appointment that I didn't use the stroller, so when the shots were over, I high-tailed it out of there.

Jason has the camera with him in Alberta on his Mule Deer hunt, so no new photos.  Here are a few oldies:

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  1. Holy Moly -- big dudes! :) Yay for healthy appointments (but boo for shots).

    Hope you are surviving OK on your own this week!


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