Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What'd you say?

seems to be the most frequently asked question around here.  The boys are trying to talk, I think. 
So--I've decided to have the boys evaluated by Help Me Grow of Licking County to determine if speech therapy is necessary. So far, Keegan has been evaluated but we haven't heard the results. I don't expect to hear anything until after Louden's appointment next week.

The speech therapist mentioned that she likes to see 30 words by the age of 2. At that point, they'll begin to put 2 words together, so they need a good base to start from.

Keegan's words: mama, dada, ball, dog, sissy, juice, remote, and several animal sounds. Signs he uses often: please, more, help, all done
Louden's words: mama, dada, ball, dog, and several animal sounds. Louden will sign "more please" unprompted.

I don't think the boys have anything "wrong" but think they could only benefit from the "push" therapy could offer. I've seen it in my friends' kids. Since there isn't a cost, what the heck.

Time will tell.....If the peditrican recommends further evaluation, I plan to enroll in private therapy since it's covered by our insurance.

ps..sorry to the grandparents I may have scared on facebook the other day :)

here's a photo just for fun taken the night before Kyle left:

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  1. Your boys are adorable! So are YOU!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the speech - my mother took me to a specialist at 2 years old because I was mostly pointing and grunting - haha. {My older sister spoke full sentences at 1 year!} Little did she know, I was just the spoiled, lazy baby ;)

    Nothing was wrong - they did nothing - and once I started, I never stopped. My mother says I've been making up for it ever since! haha

    Love your blog!


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