Monday, November 28, 2011

Whoa - October, where did you go?

October was busy, busy, busy.  Here you go, photo overload.

 We started out hosting an apple picking playdate {no entire group photos, you try it with 9 kids}:
Back: Marie, Sara, Jenn
Front: Ava, Anna, Alexis, Kendyll, Bennett, Keegan, & Louden

My 2nd HALF MARATHON this year:
Vicky and I, after the race.  We both PR'd.
As if you didn't know, Sara & Jenn.  Columbus Half Marathon 10.16.11

I spent 7 days out of town the following two weeks for work.  Everyone survived.

I had my 35th birthday:

Jason is sooooo funny.

Scentsy Consultant Launch:

Scentsy is a Wickless Candle Alternative.  I recently made my first purchase.  As soon as I plugged it in, I knew I needed it with me always.  So, now I'm selling it.  SCENTSY LINK {shameless plug}

Portraits of L&K:

& Trick of Treat of course:

Whew!  Maybe now I can catch up with our other updates.

I haven't updated on the boys speech in awhile.  It's going great!!!  They are progressing more and more everyday.  Here's a video of them singing Happy Birthday to me.  

 I don't know what it's like to have a child that speaks within the normal range, but I can honestly say this speech delay is tough business.  To say the least, this speech delay has been hardest on me.  All parents go through the stage where everyone is frustrated because you can't communicate.  Imagine being stuck there for 2 years.  Having your little boy(s) look at you, saying something the exact same way (his way) ten times then leaving with "I'm sorry buddy, I don't understand" with a look of disappointment  This happens everyday.  But, we're getting there.  

I know I'll be frustrated with the questions.  I know I'll want them to be quiet.  I know this will be over.  Just not soon enough.

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  1. Tomorrow is December! Crazy. I love how they keep rushing the camera!


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