Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4 Years Old, Actually

The boys actual birthday was on a Wednesday, a school day.  Nothing special was planned, but I did send them to school with iced cookies to share at snack time.

L &K (Our storm door fell off, I need to repaint that trim)
Here they are that evening, with cool crowns from school.  

Enjoying leftover cupcakes from the party.
What else comes with a 4th Birthday?  A well check with 4 shots!!!  Both boys did OK, considering.  While Keegan was getting them,  Louden looked up at me and said "I no want to do that".  Then when he got the 4th one, he looked at the nurse and said "why you hurt me?".  Words.are.awesome.  Keegan just shouted No, no, no they whole time.  There was a 4 YO GG set of twins next door, their shots didn't go so well.  The Nurse was highly impressed with L&K.

The good news, we're done with shots until they are 12.

Turns out, Dum Dums are the cure all.  By the time we got to the car, they were fine, even though Keegan was surely convinced that his arms were going to fall off.

Here are their stats:

Louden 48 lbs, 43.6 inches, 97%ile in height and weight
Keegan 49 lbs, 44.5 inches, above 97%ile in height and weight

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