Tuesday, March 26, 2013

5th Birthday!

We had the boys' 5th party at the Westerville Community Center.  Being March, you can't predict the weather, so a destination party is the safest choice.  I chose a games party since pool parties require an adult for each kid and there was no way I was wearing a suit in public.

I made the invites and printed them with Mixbook.  Notice the theme: Whales and Crocodiles.  We made it work.

 Before the other guests arrived, we played.

The Cake came with the party, baked at a local bakery.

The kids played Duck Duck Goose.

And some fun parachute games.  Ages 3-5 don't follow directions very well, but they still had fun.  They'll appreciate this one day.  

The favorite game was "Cat and Mouse".  One kid underneath (mouse), the other on top (cat), everyone else making waves.  The cat had to catch the mouse.


 Make a wish!

The birthday boys!  Notice their shirts?  Blue Whale and a Crocodile :)


We gave all our friends our favorite books.  "Whale of a Tale" from Louden and "Miles and Miles of Reptiles" from Keegan.

Our best attempt at a group photo. 

& the Thank you card, which I made and had printed from Mixbook.  There was a place on the back for notes.  I wrote the note, the boys wrote their names.  I do this every year, I love that everyone gets a picture from the day.

Obligatory family shot in the windy parking lot.

Overall: Success!  Low stress, not too much fuss from mommy and all the kids had a blast!

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