Saturday, April 24, 2010

I LOVEConsignment Sales!!!

The Columbus Mothers of Twins Club is having their bi-annual kids consignment sale this weekend. As a member, I got to shop last night.

$76.50 is what I spent, here's what I got:
9 pair shorts
2 pair swimming trunks
10 T shirts
8 set of pjs
6 pair of pants
1 sit n spin
5 books
1 bag of cars
1 dinosaur
1 dragon

So, we have a pretty good start at our summer wardrobe. Now, let's hope most of our stuff sells. Judging on the lines and the amount of purchases last night, I bet this sale will be very successful. Last year there were $76000+ sales in a 6 hour period. The "sale" is by far the biggest perk of the club.

And No Mark, you can't buy twins at the Twin Sale. =)

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  1. Oh my. Twins. I believe you must be a goddess in order to raise twins!!
    cute blog. :)


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