Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One on One

Last Thursday, I decided to try out some One on One time with Louden.  After a craptastic morning, Mommy decided some pool time was in order.  So I picked up L from the sitter, which had to trick K with some guacamole to sneak out, and headed to the Plain Township pool in New Albany.  We met up with my sister in law, niece, nephew, and her sister and girls. 

 L immediately headed for these goggles and knew exactly what to do.  2 hours later, I had a tired little boy, sunburned shoulders, and relaxed mind (even if I didn't get to sit down at all).  L did great and has no fear of the water.  Hopefully, K and I will get to go soon.

I know one on one is good for them, but you can't help to feel badly for the one left behind.  The boys have never been apart before, unless one was too ill for the sitter.


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  1. It's hard no doubt! I've got to split my time 4 ways. The girls understand that the twins take up more time and they understand that when it's just me and one of them it's something special and we don't waste it!

    With Ezekiel and Kaelyn I sometimes feel like I'm spending more time with one than the other because of them being sick and being in the hospital. I stay with whichever one is in there then Erik takes care of the other so it's one on one time, just not fun at all.

    I guess as they get bigger we learn to take the few minutes with each when we can and where we can. As they get older they will want that one on one time and will learn to share you too!

    I've also learned that with having 2 older and 2 younger that I take the older ones somewhere special and leave the babies with daddy and then take the babies somewhere and leave the big ones with daddy. It's a give and take that way he gets time with them too!

    You're doing such a great job with the boys, remember, it gets easier, but it takes a while!


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