Friday, June 25, 2010


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We have been trying so hard to encourage the boys' language development lately.  It seemed as if they were perfectly content not speaking.  They would point, grunt, whine, and use sign language to be functional.

As you'll remember from this post, I took the boys to Licking County Help Me Grow to have them evaluated.  Only K qualified for services for an expressive language delay.  

Since then we have had several visits from the Early Intervention Specialists to monitor the boys' progress.  They have been slow to start, but we are finally seeing some great vocalizations from both boys.  The EI Specialist was very excited and tried to comfort me.  To say the least, this language delay has been weighing down on me quite hard and I was expecting faster results.  Thanks for my great friends that have been supportive and listened to my vents.  I guess as a parent, you just always feel responsible and want the very best for your kids. 

 I have looked into private speech therapy to give them an extra boost, but there is a hefty waiting list, so we shall see.  I'm excited to see how the next few months go and hope to report new words soon.

I know, I'll regret this one day when they're never silent again....but I can't wait to watch their language grow!!!



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  1. I'm glad you've seen some improvements hon! I know what you feel; I feel that way with Sadie. And it's so bittersweet to see Max's speech taking off.

    Have you looked in to Nationwide for private ST? You could ask your HMG coordinator if they will apply for EISOP for you. (Early Intervention System of Payment) They didn't think we would qualify (it's not just income based, but income is a consideration), but we have ALL THERAPY paid for for both of our kiddos. So it paid off :)

    *hugs* hon. It's hard being a parent, even harder being a parent of twins.


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