Monday, August 30, 2010

Twins, Twins, Everywhere

While we live in a subdivision (that used to be an apple orchard) on an acre, we are surrounded by farms that alternate corn and soybean crops.  We see a lot of deer around here.

We recently had a few visitors in our backyard.  A doe with her yearlings which were twins.  From what Jason tells me, twins are common with deer, although I'm not sure they're called twins.  We also had a set coming to visit last year. 

Louden went out to check them out.  The deck is his favorite place right now, I'm dreading winter when we get stuck inside. 

The deer were not spooked by L at all.  They were even OK with me with a camera.  Jason came out and they took if they knew

Here is a photo of L checking them out.

&& the babies....

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