Saturday, October 2, 2010

Grandma's Visit

We were so happy to have Jason's Mom (aka Grandma) come stay with us while our sitter was on vacation.  Last year, I had to take vacation to stay home with the boys.  This gave Grandma some much needed kid time while allowing Jason and I the chance to keep up with our busy work schedules.

I tried to take a photo of them all together, this is about the best we can do:

The boys LOVED having her here.  It's remarkable to see the difference in their attitudes when they don't have to be loaded up and taken away from home everyday.  I tried to get her to move here, she declined. (psst, Jackie:  I wasn't really kidding)

On top of everything else, she did every stitch of laundry for me one day.  Including carrying everything from our top floor down the basement.  I don't think she ever wants to see another stair.

This will keep you young, Grandma.

Uh, yeah, that's a bat.  The boys have mad takedown skills.  

Here's a photo right before she left.

I would have taken one of her driving away, but I was too busy crying.  

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