Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cookies for Ho Ho

Another first for me, Christmas Cookies.  I always let my Mom handle that and since we're never home on Christmas, I've never taken the effort.  Plus, we don't do well with cookies in the house (read: cookies don't last here)....that could be bad.

I still cheated and used a boxed sugar cookie mix.  And since I don't have a rolling pin, cookie cutters, or patience, our cookies were round.  We had buttercream icing with green sugar and red hots.  I wasn't going to offer too many options, I wasn't really sure how this was going to go.

Keegan was obviously very excited to get started.

Mommy iced, Louden sprinkled, Keegan added red hots.  Then we switched, but no one but Mommy was getting anywhere near the icing.

We're done.....very little mess and no meltdowns :)
In hindsight, the redhots were probably not a good idea.  Keegan sampled one and reacted with a seizure like episode demonstrating his hatred for all things spicy.  Louden was a quick learner, he only licked his red hot.   Dually noted Keegan.  We'll find something else red for next year.

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