Monday, April 1, 2013

Something new for Easter

 Maybe we have a new tradition for Easter Weekend?  A 5K!  I saw on the race schedule that this race benefited Westerville Parks, which we use regularly, so I registered myself and chose the kid's chase for the boys.  Before the actual race, I decided we should drop the stroller.  They're 5 (and 2 weeks), it's taking up room in the garage, and they should be able to run-walk a 5K, right?

The race came with tech shirts, bunny ears, a Cheryl's Egg Cookie, and some coupons.  
Ready to Start!  K, Mommy, L
I was the only one being timed.  My chip time was 55:47, Bib 1160, finishing 346/363.  I think that's a great start for the boys.  L&K did awesome even though we didn't do a lot of running.  Even at this pace, they had to run to catch up often.  They were so excited to get their medals at the end.  

Afterwards, we played at a park waiting on the Egg Hunt scheduled for later.  Although they complained that they were tired, they had plenty of energy for the park.  Imagine that!

We met the Easter Bunny.

And the Lion's Club Lion.
Keegan wasn't  interested but gave him a high-5 anyway.

Easter Egg Hunt!  Louden got 4 & Keegan 5
 The boys have said they want to do another race.  I think I'll be spending a lot more on race fees!  

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