Thursday, October 28, 2010

The leaves, they are a changing

Well, due to my inability to blog on a regular basis, the leaves have since changed and fallen (the process was kicked into overdrive thanks to the tornado warnings earlier this week).

I'm trying to get better at my DSLR (camera with a lens), but still shoot on auto.  I hope I get a class for Christmas (subtle, shameless hint).  But, these will have to do for now.  

The weather has been unseasonably warm, until today.  The boys love it outside and we have to fight to get them in every night.  

Here's Louden, Daddy and Keegan in the background:
Keegan, I get this look a lot...

The leaves (Jackie: this is for you)

The boys.
And with Daddy trying to mulch up some leaves on Daddy's new fancy, schmacy, zero turn, 8 mph, 54" cut mower.  

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