Thursday, October 28, 2010

Treats Only

Beggar's night was tonight in our small town of Pataskala.  We, as usual, just did a quick visit to the Nursing Home.  It's all indoors, safe, and warm.  The residents get a kick out of the kids in their costumes, which is fun to see too.

Louden & Keegan were dragons.  I picked their costumes up super cheap from another Twin Mommy.  So, what they lack creativity, they make up for in cuteness.  

Keegan: saying cheeeeesseeee
Mommy with the boys.  Keegan (l) & Louden (r)

The back of the costume, I have no idea who this is :)  I'm glad I don't do this look alike thing very often.  

No thanks, Louden, Mommy doesn't like dots.  Um, we got a LOT of Dots. 
Waiting until 6 to get started.  Louden up front, Keegan checking out the pumpkins in the case.

Keegan being silly.

Back at home, enjoying a treat before we go to visit our neighbors.
Happy Halloween!!!!!  


  1. LOVE the picture of you with the boys!! They are adorable as usual!

  2. SUPER CUTE! OMG...I love these pics and I agree with Sara...the one of you with the boys is really great!


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