Friday, April 8, 2011


As you'll remember from THIS POST, the boys were being evaluated for a program through the school board that would provide preschool services and speech therapy hand in hand.  Well, they were APPROVED!!!  Their eligibility should remain for a 3 year period, so we should be all set (as long as we live within this school district) until they go to Kindergarten.  

They were able to start school on their birthday, which they were completely excited about:

so excited that when standing in the sitter front yard, they had a complete meltdown when a bus drove by and didn't pick them up.  Mind you, they had *never* been on a bus at that time.

Here we are at the school:

& Since it was their actual birthday, we had cupcakes after dinner.  This time, with candles, which Keegan decided to eat.

More to come on RIDING THE BUS!!!

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