Tuesday, May 3, 2011

School Bus

First, BAD BLOGGER!! I know {slaps hand}  Better late than never and everything is late these days.  Back to the subject at hand....

On their 3rd day, Louden & Keegan were excited to start riding their SCHOOL BUS to preschool.  It's a 30 minute ride, but they love it.  They feel like big kids.

waiting for the bus

Here comes Mrs. Kristy

As I'm snapping photos, I'm in disbelief that I'm letting my babies get on a freaking bus

special seat belts for little ones
and I didn't even follow it to school even though I *thought* about it.

So far so good with preschool AND the bus.  It has been the best bribe ever to get them moving in the morning.  I don't know what to do when school breaks for summer....the boys will be so disappointed.  Preschool has been awesome for them as far as their speech development, social skills, potty training, and patience.   They are learning tons of new things and surprise me everyday.

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  1. i love the part about following them! the first time the boys rode the city bus to the beach..omg...i followed it almost half way..the same when they rode their skateboards to burger king the first time..its hard to let them grow up..i am so lucky and proud both my boys grew up, married wonderful women and are great husbands and fathers..what more can a mom want..love ya...


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