Thursday, May 19, 2011


Not the bad kind of Ahhh, the Dentist {aka teeth doctor} kind. 

L&K had their first appointment and aside from the waiting room, 
all went well.  The boys almost got up close and personal with a fire truck when L came thisclose to pulling the fire alarm.  Yeah, the waiting room was definitely the worst part.

I decided against a pediatric dentist and just took them to dentist I use.  He has kids around their age and I warned him.  The office was prepared for crazy {I may say crazy a little too much}.  The had 2 chairs reserved, 2 dental hygienists, so the Dentist and I could run back and forth.

The hygienists broke the ice by letting them ride the chair up and down, touch and feel all the tools, and turn the tv to their favorite cartoon.  The exam consisted of counting their teeth, polishing, and flossing.  Both boys were really obedient.  Of course they were, I'm not the hygienist. 

I had a huge bag of essentials with me {especially since we're potty training} but forgot the camera.  I didn't even take my phone in, so he's what i got in the parking lot.  And--to the random guy that waiting so I could at least get this, thanks.

Keegan (L) Louden (R)
We got a good report on both boys dental health.  The only suggestion was to add a fluoride treatment by dipping a toothbrush into a kids fluoride rise every night.  The kids picked out Spongebob Blue Rinse, go figure.

At least we have lots photos of Cheesy Pearly Whites to look forward to, if Mom can remember the camera.

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  1. Oh goodness, I don't think I would ever want to take twins to the dentist for the first time. You are so brave, Jenn!


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